Undergraduate Studies

 Allen McConnell with a student
Class lecture
 Students in the CPI
 Students using VR goggles
 Hinkel Poster Session 2018
 Faculty with student
 Students in lecture

The psychology undergraduate curriculum is structured to provide students with four key elements:

  • An overview of the range of topics that make up the discipline of psychology
  • Skills in constructing evidence-based arguments using critical and quantitative reasoning
  • An opportunity to concentrate in an area of focus within the discipline
  • A capstone experience

In addition to the psychology major, we also offer a neuroscience co-major and minor, a co-major and minor in art therapy, and a number of co-curricular opportunities in research, teaching, and internships. We do not offer a psychology minor but do have a several thematic sequences. Please contact an advisor if you have any questions about our degree offerings.