Robert Applebaum


Professor of Gerontology


Ph.D. Social Welfare: University of Wisconsin-Madison

MSW: Ohio State University

B.A. Sociology: Ohio University

Dr. Robert Applebaum is Professor of Gerontology in the Department of Sociology and Gerontology and Director of Ohio Long-Term Care Project at the Scripps Gerontology Center, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. He holds degrees from Ohio University (BA), the Ohio State University (MSW), and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Ph.D.). He has been involved in the development and evaluation of long-term care programs across the United States for more than thirty years. he has worked with more than 25 states on innovations in long-term care service delivery, and completed a series of state and national studies on long-term services and supports. 

Dr. Applebaum has been a frequent speaker at national and state conferences on long-term care. He has authored more than 90 articles and monographs, and four books on long-term care and has testified at state and federal legislative hearings more than twenty times. he has been the Principal Investigator on more than 50 studies and received more than $8.5 million in external grants.

Dr. Applebaum has been active in serving the Gerontological Society of America and the American Society on Aging. He has chaired the Social Research Planning and Practice Section of the Section of the Gerontological Society and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society on Aging and Chair of the Editorial Board for the Society's journal, Generations. 

Recent Publications

K.A. Kennedy, R. Applebaum, & J.R. Bowblis. (2020 Advance online publication). Facility-level associated with CNA turnover and retention: Lessons for the long-term services industry. The Gerontologist. 

J. Bowblis and R. Applebaum. (2020). Prevalence of COVID-19 in Ohio nursing homes: What's quality got to do with it? Journal of Aging & Social Policy.

K.A. Kennedy, R. Applebaum, J.R. Bowblis, & J.K. Straker. (2020). Organizational factors associated with retention of direct care workers: A comparison of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The Gerontologist. Published online

R. Applebaum, E. Hautz, & A. Bardo. (2020). Long-term services and supports. In F.J. Whittington, S.R. Kunkel, and K. de Medeiros, (Eds.), Global Aging: Comparative perspectives on aging and the life course, (Second edition), pp. 189-214. New York: Spring Publishing. 

A. Koumoutzis, S.E. Stemen, R. Maharjan, J. Heston-Mullins, P. Mayberry, & R. Applebaum. (2020). Local initiatives to fund services for older Americans: Community recognition of the importance of social care. Journal of Applied Gerontology. Advance online publication. 


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