Fauzia Ahmed


Associate Professor

Department of Sociology and Gerontology

Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program


PhD Social Policy - Brandeis University

SM Health Policy and Management - Harvard University

AB Biology - Harvard University

Fauzia E. Ahmed received her Ph.D. from Brandeis University in 2003. She worked in the Harvard School of Public Health as a David E. Bell Fellow (Center for Population and Development Studies) from 2003-2004, and was a Visiting Scientist (Women's Health Initiative Program at the Department of Global Health) from 2012-2014. Early community-based experiences with the African American population, in health and education, enhanced her subsequent work with Non-Govermental Organizations (NGOs) and with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in India, Indonesia, Thailand, and her native Bangladesh. Her academic interests focus on gender and development ranging from masculinity and Islam to gender, labor and globalization. In addition to teaching introductory courses, she teaches courses on the sociology of globalization and feminism, Islam and development.

Recent Publications

Ahmed, F.E. 2015. "Gender, Governance, and Labor: The Globalized Commodity Chain and the Bangladeshi Garment Industry." South Asia Institute (SAI), Harvard University. SAI Working Paper Series.

Ahmed, F.E. 2014. "Peace in the Household: Gender, Agency, and Villagers' Measures of Marital Quality in Bangladesh." Special Issue on Gender and Economics in Muslim Communities. Feminist Economics. 20(4)L 187-211.

Ahmed, F.E. 2013. "The Culture of Poverty: Creating a Market at the Bottom of the Pyramid." Perspectives on Global Development and Technology. 12(4): 489-513.

Ahmed, F.E. 2013. "The Compassionate Courtroom: Feminist Governance, Discourse, and Islam in a Shalish (Indigenous Court) on Domestic Violence in Rural Bangladesh." Feminist Formations. 25(1): 157-183.

Ahmed, F.E. 2011. "Empire, Subalternity, and Itjihad: Two Muslim Women's Leadership Models in the Post 9/11 US." The Muslim World. 101(4): 494-510. [Reprinted 2012, translated into Persian. Farzaneh Journal of Women's Studies 19: 87-112.]

Spring 2023 Office Hours

Please email for a virtual appointment at ahmedfe@MiamiOH.edu