Jennifer Bulanda


Associate Professor

Scripps Research Fellow


PhD Sociology - Bowling Green State University

MA Sociology - Bowling Green State University

BA Sociology - Ohio Northern University

Dr. Jennifer Roebuck Bulanda received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Bowling Green State University, with concentrations in family, demography, and quantitative methods. Her research interests include family relationships, health and well-being, and the sociology of aging and the life course.

Dr. Bulanda's published work has focused on marriage, cohabitation, and divorce, particularly during the later life course, the connections between family relationships and health outcomes, and the role of gender and religion in family life. Her research has appeared in journals including Journal of Marriage and Family, Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences, and Social Science and Medicine.

Dr. Bulanda teaches the introductory sociology course, Sociology in a Global Perspective, as well as Medical Sociology, Social Forces and Aging, and Population.

Recent Publications

Bulanda, Jennifer Roebuck, Takashi Yamashita, & J. Scott Brown. 2021. "Marital Quality, Gender, and Later-Life Depressive Symptom Trajectories." Journal of Women & Aging 33: 122-136.

Bulanda, Jennifer Roebuck, & Shelby Frye. 2020. "Transforming Introductory Sociology with Team-Based Learning: Sufficient Value and Surmountable Challenge?" Teaching Sociology 48:272-282.

 Bulanda, Jennifer Roebuck, Shelby Frye, & Valerie Thompson. 2020. "Vaccine Opposition in the COVID-19 Age." In Social Problems in the Age of COVID-19: Volume 1 - U.S. Perspectives, edited by Glenn Muschert, Kristen Budd, Michelle Christian, David Lane, and Jason Smith. Bristol, UK: Bristol University Press.

Bulanda, Jennifer Roebuck, Takashi Yamashita, & J. Scott Brown. 2016. "Marital Quality, Marital Dissolution, and Mortality Risk during the Later Life Course." Social Science & Medicine 165: 119-127. 

Bulanda, Jennifer Roebuck, & Margaret Platt Jendrek. 2016. "Grandparenting Roles and Volunteer Activity." Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 71: 129.140. 


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