Kristen Budd


Associate Professor

Pre-Law Advisor


PhD Sociology - Purdue University

MS Sociology - Purdue University

BA Sociology - Indiana University, South Bend

Kristen M. Budd received her Ph.D. from Purdue University in 2011. She joined the faculty in the Sociology and Gerontology Department in 2014. Her research in Criminology and Law and Society focuses on sexually motivated interpersonal violence, including examining sexual offending behavior, public perceptions of laws and policies that address sexual violence, and social and legal responses to sex crimes and to those who sexually offend. Her publications have appeared in Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and TreatmentCrime & Delinquency, Psychology, Public Policy and Law, and other crime and policy journals. Her current research examines females who sexually offend and also aspects of sex offender registration and residence restrictions. Dr. Budd teaches a variety of courses at the undergraduate level including Criminology, Systems of Justice, Sociology of Law, and Research Methods. She also works with graduate and undergraduate students on independent research projects who have interests in the areas of Criminology, Law, and Social Justice.

Dr. Budd is active in the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) where she has held multiple leadership positions, including Chair (2017-2019) of SSSP's Crime and Juvenile Delinquency Division. On campus, she is the Pre-Law Advisor for the Sociology and Gerontology Department, the Co-Chair of Miami University's disciplinary board, and serves as an advisory member to the Mindfulness and Contemplative Inquiry Center.

Recent Publications

Mancini, Christina and Kristen M. Budd. 2015. In press. “Is the Public Convinced that ‘Nothing Works?’ Predictors of Treatment Support for Sex Offenders among Americans.” Crime & Delinquency, doi:10.1177/0011128715597693.

Budd, Kristen M., David M. Bierie, and Katria Williams. 2015. In Press. “Deconstructing Incidents of Female Perpetrated Sex Crimes: Comparing Female Sex Offender Groupings.” Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, doi:10.1177/1079063215594376.

Budd, Kristen and Scott A. Desmond. 2014. “Sex Offenders and Sex Crime Recidivism: Investigating the Role of Sentence Length and Time Served.” International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology 58(12):1481-1499.

Mustillo, Sarah A., Kristen Budd, and Kimber Hendrix. 2013. “Obesity, Labeling, and Psychological Distress in Late-Childhood and Adolescent Black and White Girls: The Distal Effects of Stigma.” Social Psychology Quarterly 76(3): 268-289.

Budd, Kristen, Mary Burbrink, and JoAnn Miller. September 2012. “Perceptions of Appropriate Court-Ordered Sanctions for Situational Couple Violence Offenders: A Pilot Study.” Journal of Family Violence. doi:10.1007/s10896-012-9470-0

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