Applied Sociological Research Minor

Research is central to many professional endeavors, especially in an age of "big data." The applied sociological research minor covers the key aspects of the research process, from conceptualization and design, to measurement, execution, and analysis. These skills are applicable to market research, political polling, legal research and analysis, or any field where research is necessary.


The applied sociological research minor requires the completion of at least 19 credit hours in approved courses, completion of SOC 462 (Applied Sociological Research), and a fieldwork placement. A maximum of 4 hours of the fieldwork placement can be counted toward the minor. Students taking SOC 260.A for the fieldwork course for the minor must take it for 4 credit hours. Students majoring in Sociology and minoring in Applied Sociological Research must also complete all the requirements for the major.

In order to assure appropriate and timely assistance with schedule planning, interested students are strongly encouraged to meet with the Chief Departmental Advisor (Dr. Othello Harris,