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Prosecution Project examines how sociopolitical crimes are prosecuted
Michael Loadenthal leads Miami's Prosecution Project.For all the time, effort, and resources devoted to thwarting terrorism, it’s surprisingly difficult to get a complete view of sociopolitical violence in the United States.
Phyllis Cummins shares the importance of community colleges for mid- and later-life students
Article for The EvoLLLution talks about the importance of community colleges for mid- and later-life students.
Western Program's ongoing "Tea and Conversation" talks address educational reform, social justice, and morality
Throughout the fall semester, Miami's Western Program, home of the individualized studies major, has hosted "Tea and Conversation" every Wednesday in the famous Reading Room of Peabody Hall from 2:30-3:30 pm.
Phyllis Cummins and Samuel Van Vleet highlight continuing education and lifelong learning initiatives for older people
Issue brief for Grantmakers in Aging highlights continuing education and lifelong learning initiatives for older people
Opening Minds through Art initiative expands to medical schools, allied health partnerships
Opening Minds Through Art members work with residents at The Knolls of Oxford.A new contract with the Ohio Department of Medicaid will help Miami University's Opening Minds through Art (OMA) initiative link students at the state's medical schools and schools of allied health with older Ohioans living with dementia.
Realistic revitalization: Students help create a new vision for a historic Hamilton neighborhood
Radhames De Leon walks past Neal's Cafe in Hamilton's 2nd Ward.Standing at the corner of Fourth and Walnut streets, Radhames “Rady” De Leon surveys the old houses, small businesses and worn streets near the heart of Hamilton’s 2nd Ward. He leans against a crumbling ledge belonging to the former Neal’s Cafe.
Coming to a classroom near you: team-based learning
Kristen Budd, associate professor of sociology and gerontology, is turning traditional classroom group work on its head with a teaching strategy called team-based learning.
2019 GSA Presentations by Miami University Faculty, Staff, and Students
Thirty Miami University Gerontology faculty, research staff, and graduate students will present at the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting in Austin, TX, November 13 - 17, 2019.
Graduate Research Forum Nov. 1: 140 presentations, posters and art displays
Graduate students from all divisions will present more than 140 oral sessions, poster presentations and art displays at the Graduate Research Forum Nov. 1.