Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness Building

The Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology will be moving to its new home in June 2023. See where it started.

CHSW FacilityThe 165,000 square foot building will be the home of the Nursing, Speech Pathology and Audiology, Physician Associate programs from two colleges, CAS and CLAAS.

The Nursing program consists of a cohort size expected to grow to 160 per year.
The Physician Associate program has a planned cohort size of 36 with the ability to grow to 60.
Speech Pathology and Audiology, with a current cohort of 29, looks to increase that number to 36.

The building will also house the TriHealth Student and Employee Health Services clinics, StudentCHSW building wings Counseling Services, and the Speech and Hearing Clinic. Other Services include:

  • The Miami Office of Student Wellness. A wellness studio is included in plans for promotional functions.
  • SIVEO: Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Education and Outreach.  This center holds the staff for the SIVEO Prevention Coordinator, OVW Grant Coordinator, and (2)Women Helping Women Advocates.
  • Cafe, kitchenettes for access by students, and vending
  • Healing Garden
  • Group Study Rooms, Interprofessional Lounges, and a variety of study and seating throughout the facility.
  • Labs
    • Wet/Dry Trainer Lab (LL) for PA program skills training.
    • Innovation Lab (LL):  Anatomage Tables (high tech virtual anatomy training)
    • Nursing and PA Diagnostic Skills Labs (3rd floor)
    • Speech and Audiology Research Labs (3rd Floor): Dysphasia, Neurocognitive, Literacy, Speech Science, Sign Language, Later Language and growth for 3 new research initiatives.

Drs. Gottliebson and Olszewski on hard hat tourDrs. Olszewski (middle) and Gottliebson (right) were part of a group doing a hard hat tour in September 2022. Tours have been given periodically throughout the process.