Susan Baker Brehm, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Bream head shotEducation

Doctorate of Philosophy in Speech Pathology, University of Florida, 2003

Master of Arts, Miami University, 1999

Bachelor of Science, Miami University, 1997

Professional Recognition and Affiliation

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (Special Interest Group 3 affiliate)

Ohio Speech Language and Hearing Association 

Voice Foundation (Professional Member)

Editorial Board Member: Journal of Voice 


Voice and Respiratory Research

Select Publications

Weinrich, B., Baker Brehm, S., LeBorgne, S., Eanes, C., Zacharias, S., Beckemeyer, J., Hughes, M., & deAlarcon, A. (In press). Perceptual Measures of Boychoir Voices during the Phases of Pubertal Voice Mutation. Journal of Voice.

Baker Brehm, S., Weirnich, B., & Kelchner, L. (2019). Pediatric Voice Disorders: Diagnostic and Treatment Approaches: Twenty Questions.

Bergeron, M., Kelchner, L., Weinrich, B., Baker Brehm, S., Zacharias, S., Myer, C., & de Alarcon, A. (2018). Influence of Preoperative Voice Assessment on Treatment Plan Prior to Airway Surgery. Laryngoscope, 128(12), 2858-2863

Werner, C.,*Bowyer. S., Gottliebson, R., Weinrich, B., & Baker Brehm, S. (2017). Examining the impact of video modeling techniques on the efficacy of clinical voice assessment. Journal of Voice, 31(1), 118.e13–118.e20.

Zacharias, S. R., Baker Brehm, S., Weinrich, B., Kelchner, L., Deliyski, D., Tabanging, M., & de Alarcon, A. (2016). Feasibility of clinical endoscopy and stroboscopy in children with bilateral vocal fold lesions. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology, 25, 598-604.

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