Online Courses

student clinician playing with young child

This summer, the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology will be offering six online courses. These courses might be of interest to students who are interested in applying for Master’s programs but need to complete prerequisites and to students who are interested in taking electives in the field.

Miami University’s online courses offer a unique opportunity for students as they are not part of a set leveling program. Instead, students can register for these courses on an “a la carte” basis, taking as few or as many as needed to meet their needs or interests. The courses are also offered fully online with highly engaged faculty who are trained in online teaching pedagogy.

Summer 2021 Courses

Beginning American Sign Language I (SPA 101; 4 credits)

Prerequisites: None

Beginning American Sign Language II (SPA 102; 4 credits)

Prerequisites: Beginning American Sign Language I (SPA 101)

Deaf Cultures (SPA 312; 3 credits)

Prerequisites: None

Introduction to Communication Disorders (SPA 127; 3 credits)

Prerequisites: None

Theories of Language Development (SPA 223; 3 credits)

Prerequisites: None

Aural Rehabilitation (SPA 326; 3 credits)

Prerequisites: None