student clinician doing adult therapy

A minor is not offered through the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology. Many of our majors chose to minor in related areas such as:


A minor within the gerontology department provides a comprehensive understanding of the aging process. Three tracks are available: Applied Research, Aspiring Health Professions, and Policies and Program. Course work and field experience is required for the program.

Child Studies

A child studies minor offers a diverse course experience covering child development, parent-child relationships, adolescent development, and diverse families. In addition to coursework, an internship is required to provide hands-on experience and the opportunity to apply and expand the knowledge provided throughout this minor.

Disability Studies

Students develop a strong interdisciplinary foundation, with emphasis on cultural constructions of disability, and the intersections of disability, race, gender, sex, age, class, and other markers of diversity and difference.


To complete a Spanish minor, the student is required to take 18 credit hours above the 200 level.


Linguistics looks at how people use language and tries to find the rules that govern that use. A minor in linguistics is useful for students majoring in foreign languages, English, sociology, anthropology, psychology, mathematics, communication, philosophy, or computer science.