Graduate Admission Process

Review Graduate Admission Prerequisites

Updated 09/30/2020

Part 1: Applying to the Program

For the 2020-2021 academic year, there are TWO parts to the application process that must be completed. Students should begin the process early in order for the Miami University Graduate School to process your application AND for CSDCAS application to be completed by December 15, 2020 deadline. 

1. Complete the Application Form for Admission to the Miami University Graduate School. This form is also known as the "supplemental application"

UPDATE: This application will not open until the first of November at the earliest due to a system change. This site will be updated when that application is ready. Students will be contacted via email once this supplemental application becomes live AND students meet the COMPLETE status for their CSDCAS application.

Note: Any applicant who applies to Miami, but not the centralized application will automatically have their application declined.

Questions regarding the supplemental application should be directed to

2. Complete the Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application at CSDCAS. The portal opens August 3, 2020 for students applying to begin the program in Fall of 2021.

CSDCAS Application

If you have questions regarding the CSDCAS application process please contact CSDCAS directly or visit the CSDCAS Applicant Help Center

General Application Components (will be used for all schools that you are applying to that are also using the CSDCAS portal)

The following areas are based on questions asked during last year's application process:

Personal Information

Complete the information per the instructions provided.

Note: Make sure you have the correct email address (one that you will be regularly checking) and an accurate phone number.

Academic History
  • Official transcripts. All official transcripts, including those for AP credit, must be sent to CSDCAS Verification Department P.O. Box 9113 Watertown, MA 02471
  • Colleges Attended. Simply add your school, degree, and year.
    • If you did something like PSEO, you have to also enter those college credits
  • Transcript Entry. This needs to be done for EVERY school you received college credit.
    • This is a VERY TEDIOUS part of the application but make sure you are thorough
    • If you make a mistake in this area, it can significantly delay the processing of your application submission. 
  • Standardized tests. GRE scores will NOT be utilized for entry for this application cycle for Miami University. 
    • If you are an international student and are required to submit a TOEFL score this is where the score should be entered
Supporting Information
  • Evaluations (Letters of Recommendation). You will send a request from CSDCAS to your recommenders, using their system and entering the recommended’s email address
    • Once your recommenders submit their letters, you will be notified
  • Experiences. Enter all extracurricular activities, jobs, observation hours, clinical clock hours, TA experiences, work experience, research.
    • Use short complete sentences, describe experience. Some people used bullet points.
    • Each leadership experience should be added separately.
    • You will categorize every experience using the drop down list
    • The system will ask for dates started and ended (use your best judgment)
  • Achievements. Includes dean’s list, president’s list, and any scholarships that you have received
    • Dean’s list and president’s list is one entry. In the description, list all of the semesters you received the award.
  • Conferences Attended. The conferences may include those related to Communicative disorders or leadership. For other conferences, use your best judgment

Program Material

Specific components of the CSDCAS application unique to Miami University

Miami University Home Page Summary

Three main points from the home page are highlighted as reminders to applicants:

  • The CSDCAS application deadline of 12/15/2020 will require all applications to be in the COMPLETED phase. 
  • Letters of recommendation are due by your letter writers by 12/15/2020.
  • Students should NOT wait for their Fall 2020 transcripts to complete their application. Instead, complete the application and then once the Fall grades have been received then use the one time academic update allowed by the CSDCAS The one time academic update is allowed beginning December 15, 2020. To ensure that our graduate committee will have adequate time to review your grades, please SUBMIT your academic update by JANUARY 5th, 2021.

Miami University CSDCAS Documents Tab- Upload your personal statement

Because this year we are not using GRE scores, both the personal statement and CV/Resumes will carry more weight. Please make sure that you carefully follow the instructions for both prior to submission. 

I. PERSONAL STATEMENT: Personal statements should be no more than 2 pages (1.5 or double spaced; 11-point font or larger). Depending on your educational background, select which "student" (A, B, or C from the descriptions below) that best represents your situation and use the prompt(s) to create your personal statement. 

Student A- “Traditional” CSD/speech pathology major OR non-major who has completed most prerequisites applying within 2 years of graduation.

  • Summarize your interest in the profession and include any brief career objectives (if known)
  • Explain why Miami University would be a good fit for you and highlight any skills that make you a strong candidate for our program.
  • Select a favorite course from a different field OR an experience that you had outside of speech pathology and describe how this course or experience will help you in the field.

Student B- Student with a CSD/speech pathology major who has applied previously or taken more than 2 years between undergraduate and graduate school.

  • Summarize your interest in the profession and include any brief career objectives (if known)
  • Explain why Miami University would be a good fit for you and highlight any skills that make you a strong candidate for our program.
  • Explain how this current application has been strengthened
  • Discuss what you have done with your time that shows a continued interest/passion for the field of speech pathology.

Student C- Non-traditional student (i.e. any student who has an undergraduate degree in something other than CSD/speech pathology) and you graduated more than 2 years ago. 

  • Describe why you are changing professions including why speech pathology is the best new career direction for you. 
  • Explain why Miami University would be a good fit for you and highlight any skills that make you a strong candidate for our program.
  • Describe what skills from your previous profession/employment would benefit you as an SLP.

Upload your resume

Please attach a concise (1-2 page) resume using 11-point font or larger. Only include relevant information beginning at the college level.

Formatting: This document should contain the following labeled components and arranged in the order (shown below); however, the remaining formatting is up to the discretion of the student:


  • Name:
  • University-Degree, dates attended
  • Major(s):          Minor(s):
  • Overall GPA

Research: (if none—delete from resume)

  • Name of faculty mentor (if applicable)
  • Name of lab (If applicable)
  • Dates served in lab (if applicable)
  • Average hours per week in lab (if applicable)
  • Responsibilities in the lab/cumulative project 
  • Any presentation/publication from your work (if anticipated, note)

Guided Observations (i.e., shadowing): 

  • Total number of hours (to date)
  • Expected # of hours by graduation

If you have none and will not have any prior to graduation (for traditional students) or leveling classes (for non-traditional students) then please do NOT delete from resume, just indicate “None”

Clinic Experience: (if none—delete from resume) 

  • How many direct patient contact hours (to date)
  • Expected number by graduation

Extra-Curricular Activities (e.g. marching band, Greek life, club/varsity athletics, organizations)

  • Name of Activity
  • Dates of Activity
  • Leadership role (if none, then exclude from resume)

Volunteer Activities 

  • Name of Activity
  • Date(s) of Activity
  • Leadership role (if none, then exclude from resume)


  • Name of employer, city, state, 
  • Brief summary of job,  
  • FT or PT (if PT, approximate number of hours a week)
  • Dates of employment (Month/year), note whether it was year-round or summer/holiday employment
  • Leadership role in job position (i.e. trainer, "lead", etc) (if none, then exclude from resume)

Awards/Honors (If none- delete from this form)

  • Name of award/honor
  • Date (s) received

Relevant Other Experiences (If none- delete from this form)

  • Specialized trainings/certifications
  • Conferences attended
  • Other relevant training or experiences not found elsewhere on this form

Miami University CSDCAS Pre-Requisites Tab

  • Twelve (12) Different pre-requisites are delineated in this section.
  • Carefully indicate the courses/credit hours/grades that you have completed OR NOTE THAT YOU ARE SCHEDULED to take a course for the Spring/Summer semester. Many of the classes on this list are required before entering our graduate program, please see the following link for details.
  • Please leave a course blank if you have NOT taken or DO NOT have a plan to take a specific course. Sections of courses do not fulfill the requirement of a completed course. Also, independent study for research OR work in a lab does not replace a designated research methods course.
  • If you have less than the minimum grade/less credit hours than required in a course, or if you had to take a course(s) P/F during Spring semester 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis this does not necessarily automatically eliminate a candidate from applying to or being admitted into the program.


Part 2: Application Processing

Once you have submitted your application you will then have a significant period of waiting. Our faculty/staff will contact you via email if we have a question as we are processing your application. By the end of February, you will have received one of the following responses: denied, wait-listed, offer to interview. We typically interview the "Top 100 candidates' who have applied. Details will be supplied to those candidates who qualify.

Note: No applicant will be admitted into the program without an interview.

Part 3: Interview Status

For students who we invite for an interview, we host an all-day Graduate School Open house typically the last week of February. The open house allows students to come to campus, visit with faculty, and detailed information regarding the program is provided. All students who are interviewed are automatically being considered for both admittance AND assistantship opportunities. Students who are being considered for a sign language assistantship will be asked to also present a brief lesson. Final decisions will be made following the interview portion