Dr. Elizabeth Gielau

Elizabeth Gielau

Visiting Assistant Professor

252 Irvin Hall

Office Hours

By Appointment


2015 - Ph.D. - University of Iowa (Hispanic Linguistics)

2010 - M.A. - University of Iowa (Hispanic Linguistics)

2008 - B.A. - St. Ambrose University (Magna-Cum Laude Spanish)

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Romance Linguistics
  • Language Acquisition
  • Syntactic Theory
  • L1/L2 Acquisition
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Phonetics
  • Phonology
  • Language Change and Contact
  • Theoretical Epistemology

Coures Taught at Miami 

Professional Recognition

Grants and Awards

  • 2014 - $20,000 - Ballard Seashore Dissertation Year Fellowship, Graduate College, University of Iowa
  • 2013 - $400 - University of Iowa International Travel Grant
  • 2013 - $4,000 - Ruth Davis Fellowship Award
  • 2012 - Outstanding TA Award department nominee
  • 2011 - $4,000 - Strategic Initiative Funds (SIF)

Selected Publications


Gielau, Elizabeth. Mood Distribution and the CP Domain of Subjunctive Clauses in Spanish. Doctoral Dissertation.



Refereed, national/international

  • Gielau, Elizabeth. 2014. The Mistaken Identity of Negated Epistemics. 17th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (HLS 2014), Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, 13 November.
  • Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2013. The Subjunctive Mood in Emotive and Epistemic Contexts as lack of Syntactic Sentience. 16th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (HLS 2013), University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada, 18 October.

Non-refereed, colloquia

  • Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2014. A Syntax for Sentience: Explaining Subject Obviation in Subjunctive Clauses. The World Languages Graduate Organization Annual Conference: Exploring Edges, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 5 April.
  • Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2013. The Subjunctive Disjoint Reference Effect and the Left Periphery. Romance Linguistics Colloquium, University of Iowa, 16 November.
  • Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2012. Recomplementation: An Operator Account. Hispanic Linguistics Colloquium, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 4 October.
  • Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2011. Some vs. Any: Where Semantics Meets Pragmatics in L2 Acquisition. En Obra/Under Construction: Approaches to the languages, literatures and cultures of the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 4 February.
  • Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2011. On the Second Language Acquisition of Internal Interface Properties. SLA Graduate Linguistics Symposium: Methodologies in SLA, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 29 April.
  • Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2011. The Interfaces: Where L2 Linguistic Competence Meets Deixis. Hispanic Linguistics Colloquium, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 13 November.
  • Rathmann, Elizabeth. 2010. The External Interfaces: An Inevitable Locus for Fossilization in L2 Acquisition? Foreign Language Acquisition and Research Education, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 3 December.

Membership in Professional Organizations

  • 2014–2015 - World Languages Graduate Organization, President
  • 2013–2014  - World Languages Graduate Organization, Conference Chair
  • 2009–2011 - Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Organization (SPGO), University of Iowa
  • 2009 - Mind-Context Divide Conference, Organizing Committee, University of Iowa


  • English - Native speaker
  • Spanish - Near-native proficiency
  • Portuguese - Intermediate proficiency
  • Italian - Beginning proficiency
  • German - Beginning proficiency


Selected Publications


Gielau, Elizabeth. The Dual Status of Negation in Clause-Selecting Contexts. To appear in Selected Proceedings of the 17th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium.