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Braun Morris

STATCOM | Stats + Stories Episode 191

Release Date: 6/3/2021

Guest: Tom Braun and Emily Morris

Where are the best locations for food pantries? What are the patterns and use of a crisis call center? How can services be improved for the senior population of Wahtenaw County in Michigan? These questions share a common denominator, they represent data and analysis needs of community service organizations. Statistics in the service of the community is the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guests. Emily Morris and Tom Braun.


The Impact of Remote Learning | Stats + Stories Episode 189

Release Date: 5/20/2021

Guest: Harrison Schramm

Parents, educators, and activists have all raised concerns about the impact of COVID on the educational experience of students. For high school students, these issues are amplified as they consider graduation and what may come after. The impact of COVID on high school grades is a focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Harrison Schramm.


Understanding What is Causing Bias Data | Stats + Stories Episode 188

Release Date: 5/13/2021

Guest: Charna Parkey

Our modern understanding of big data and the increasingly sophisticated tools we have for analyzing them have opened up whole new worlds for exploration. And, sometimes, whole new avenues for the misuse of data, which has led some to wonder who should be responsible or held accountable for data misuse or data bias? That’s the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Charna Parkey.

Molly Morgan Jones

The COVID Decade | Stats + Stories Episode 187

Release Date: 5/6/2021

Guest: Dr. Molly Morgan Jones

It’s been a little over a year of lockdowns, curfews, online schooling, mask wearing, worry and grief. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it an experience of collective trauma that researchers will be studying for years to come. The British Academy has launched one such study COVID119 and Society: Shaping the COVID Decade. That’s the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Dr. Molly Morgan Jones. 


Getting Coding in Schools | Stats + Stories Episode 186

Release Date: 5/29/2021

Guest: James Dickens

Data science is becoming an ever more visible and important part of our lives with universities around the US, working to create or strengthen data science programs. At the same time there's a growing recognition of the need for data science outreach, particularly in order to reach underrepresented populations. Data science outreach is the focus of this episode of stats and stories with guest James Dickens.