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Building Back Better | Stats + Stories Episode 195

Release Date: 7/15/2021

Guest: Paul Allin

Over the course of the last year, statistics have framed our lives in very obvious ways. From COVID cases to unemployment rates, stats have helped us understand what’s happening in the wider world. As we contemplate how to “build back better” in the aftermath of the pandemic, official statistics could help guide our way, at least, that’s what the authors of a recent Significance Magazine article think. That’s the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Paul Allin.

Robert Matthews

To P, or Not to P, That is the Question | Stats + Stories Episode 194

Release Date: 7/8/2021

Guest: Robert Matthews

For years now, the utility of the P-value in scientific and statistical research has been under scrutiny – the debate shaped by concerns about the seeming over-reliance on p-values to decide what’s worth publishing or what’s worth pursuing. In 2016 the American Statistical Association released a statement on P-values, meant to remind readers that, “The P-values was never intended to be a substitute for scientific reasoning.” The statement also laid out six principles for how to approach P-values thoughtfully. The impact of that statement is the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Robert Matthews.


A Longitudinal Legacy | Stats + Stories Episode 193

Release Date: 7/1/2021

Guest: Nan Laird

Every two years the International Prize in Statistics is given out to recognize an individual or team for major contributions to the field of statistics particularly those that have practical applications or which lead to breakthroughs in other disciplines. The winner is chosen in a collaboration between the American Statistical Association, the Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, the International Biometric Society, the International Statistical Institute, and the Royal Statistical Society. The 2021 honoree is Nan Laird and her award and career are the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Nan Laird

Braun Morris

STATCOM | Stats + Stories Episode 191

Release Date: 6/3/2021

Guest: Tom Braun and Emily Morris

Where are the best locations for food pantries? What are the patterns and use of a crisis call center? How can services be improved for the senior population of Wahtenaw County in Michigan? These questions share a common denominator, they represent data and analysis needs of community service organizations. Statistics in the service of the community is the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guests. Emily Morris and Tom Braun.


The Impact of Remote Learning | Stats + Stories Episode 189

Release Date: 5/20/2021

Guest: Harrison Schramm

Parents, educators, and activists have all raised concerns about the impact of COVID on the educational experience of students. For high school students, these issues are amplified as they consider graduation and what may come after. The impact of COVID on high school grades is a focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Harrison Schramm.