Fall 2013

Weizhen Wang | Wright State University

"Interval Estimation for Proportions and the Implementation in R"

Elaine Borland Hoffman | Brigham and Women's Hospital

"Applications of Path Analysis Structural Equation Models in Environmental Health Studies"

Paul Scanlon | National Center for Health Statistics, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

"For Validity's Sake: Integrating Qualitative Data and International Health Statistics"

Jorge Morel | Proctor and Gamble

"A Random-clumped Binomial Distribution for Modeling Overdispersion"

Karen Kafadar | Indiana University

"The Critical Role of Statistics in Development and Validation of Forensic Methods"

Stetson Siler | US Air Force, Retired

"My Career as an Air Force Operations Research Analyst"

David Edwards | Virginia Commonwealth University

"Selecting a D-Optimal Follow-Up Experiment Among Candidate Choices"

Spring 2014

Adriano Zambom | State University of Campinas

"Nonparametric Lack-of-Fit Testing and Variable Selection"

David Groff and Don Brockhmeier | Cincinnati Insurance

"Predictive Analytics: Transforming Data to Action"

Bonnie LaFleur | Ventana Medical Systems

"Averages versus Individuals: Issues in the Era of Personalized Healthcare"

Jessica Utts | UC-Irvine

"Combining Controversies: Psychic Claims and Bayesian Statistics"

Marie Davidian | Past President of the American Statistical Association North Carolina State University

"The Right Treatment for the Right Patient (at the Right Time): Personalized Medicine and Statistics"

Michael Robbins | RAND Corporation

"A General Regression Changepoint Test for Time Series Data"