Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The ACE Program seeks to facilitate the linguistic, cultural, and academic transition of international students to Miami University.


  • Linguistic - Refine existing language skills to reach English proficiency for academic contexts:  speaking, reading, writing, and listening in academic situations.
  • Cultural - American culture and functionality, inclusive of day-to-day management of life in the USA.
  • Academic - American academic classroom culture, inclusive of academic expectations, rights, and responsibilities of students in an academic setting.

ACE Learning Objectives

  1. Utilize campus resources and e-tools in pursuit of academic and co-curricular goals.
  2. Demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between culture and identity within yourself and others.
  3. Examine how behavior and decisions have an impact on personal well-being and your communities.
  4. Develop critical reading skills—e.g.: be able to identify an argument, how the argument is structured, and the kinds of evidence used to support the argument.
  5. Develop critical writing skills—e.g.: be able to describe a cultural text, be able to summarize an argument, be able to write a clear thesis statement and present a clear supported argument.
  6. Identify and demonstrate the ability to locate and use resources and offices available on campus to assist students in all aspects of life at Miami.
  7. Demonstrate effective strategies for engaging in the Miami University learning, living, and social environment.
  8. Identify and enact, in written and oral forms, effective strategies for participating, communicating, and interacting with others (students, professors) in the Miami University learning environment.
  9. Refine critical thinking skills through contrasting and comparing ideas, analyzing and giving feedback on peers’ writing, identifying ideas, cultural biases, values and comparing them with those in their culture, identifying “under the surface” meanings.
  10. Demonstrate recognition of appropriate use and documentation of someone else’s ideas, language, and other original material.