Student Spotlight

Current and former students describe how they came to choose Miami, life as a Miami student, involvement in
ACE, and more.

Yiwei Wang

photo of Yiwei Wang(Class of 2020)

"The ACE Program helped me fit in at Miami very well. Without ACE, I wouldn't be as successful as I am now because that first semester was very hard. At the time I didn't feel very relaxed and was so tired, but it taught me a lot about American culture and helped me fit in. ACE also organized events for us, like taking a bus on the weekends to the shopping mall, so I really liked things like that to help me get more familiar."

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Zhuoran Bao

photo of Zhuoran Bao(Class of 2021)

"When I was applying to colleges from my hometown in China, I didn't have a high enough TOEFL score, which is needed to be accepted in American universities. I heard about Miami's American Culture & English (ACE) program from a current senior, and she told me it's a really good way for international students to get familiar with Miami and improve their English, so I said, 'Okay, I'll go there!'"

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Yuwei Xu

photo of Yuwei Xu(Class of 2019)

Xu's favorite event that she has attended at Miami was the Halloween celebration through the American Culture and English program (ACE). At this event, she carved her very first pumpkin! While Xu admits that she occasionally does feel homesick (who doesn't every now and then at college?), she says that Miami and the ACE program does an amazing job helping her feel more at home in the community.

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Yingqing Lai

photo of Yingqing Lai(Class of 2019)

"The ACE program definitely helped me improve my English and learn about American culture," Lai says. "Also, Carol [the director of the ACE program], is the most important person to me here at Miami."

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Bo Gong

photo of Bo Gong(Class of 2019)

Along with his jobs helping his transition from China to America, Gong is also involved in the American culture and English (ACE) program. ACE is a transitional program at Miami for international students to practice their English skills and become acclimated to American culture. "ACE is a program with a lot of activities—some activities are about American culture—I love the program," Gong says.

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