To apply to the ACE program, prospective students should apply via the regular Miami University application process for undergraduate international students. If you are admitted to the ACE program, you will follow regular confirmation and enrollment processes and procedures.

Program Availability

ACE students live on campus among Miami students, and they engage in coursework, co-curricular and extracurricular activities along with their American peers. They have access to academic and recreational opportunities, as well as a solid support system through the ACE Tutoring Lab, InterfACE Mentor Program, and academic and career advising. As they work their way through the ACE program, students are able to fully acclimate to life at Miami in preparation for their future degree program.


The ACE program accepts students with strong academic credentials who have English language TOEFL scores in the 60-79 range (IBT), or IELTS 5.0-6.0, or ELS 109.

Conditional Admission

Students admitted into the ACE program are conditionally admitted to Miami University. This means that the students have all the privileges and rights of other Miami students. However, ACE students must complete the requirements of the ACE program in order to receive regular enrollment to the University.

To move from conditional admission to full admission:

  • ACE students must receive a B- or higher in each of the two required English language courses (ACE 112, ACE 113).
  • ACE students must pass the required American culture course (earn a C or higher).


Tuition for the ACE program is the same as regular tuition for out of state students. ACE students pay a program fee of $1000 that is used to purchase course materials, and cover the costs for excursions, events, and student support services for the time they are in ACE.