Study Options

The ACE program is sensitive and flexible to the changing needs of students around the world. We offer two study options for completing conditional admission to Miami:

Campus-Based ACE Program

ACE students live on campus among Miami students, and they engage in coursework, co-curricular and extracurricular activities along with their American peers. They have access to academic and recreational opportunities, as well as a solid support system through the ACE Tutoring Lab, InterfACE Mentor Program, and academic and career advising. As they work their way through the ACE program, students are able to fully acclimate to life at Miami in preparation for their future degree program.

Online ACE Program

For students who are not able to come to campus, ACE also offers a fully online option. This option includes all ACE core courses, as well as our InterfACE Mentor Program, our online Tutoring Lab, and one-on-one academic advising to support students in making decisions about their academic futures at Miami. Instructors arrange for virtual weekly class meetings to support students in moving through the curriculum and maintain virtual office hours to meet with students one-on-one.