Cadets participate in a classroom exercise.

Cadets are students first. Most of our cadets participate in typical college activities and organizations such as fraternities, sororities, intramural sports, clubs, etc. There are hundreds of student and campus organizations available to students at Miami University.

AFROTC is the best way to earn a commission as an United States Air Force or Space Force officer while still enjoying a social college experience. Come check us out!

Why Choose AFROTC?

AFROTC provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Have your way paid through school
  • Do something exciting with your life
  • Obtain a secure job with great benefits

all while serving your country in the best military in the world!

Other Benefits of Our Program

  • We provide you with the platform to launch a successful career in one of many exciting Air Force and Space Force fields.
  • All uniforms are provided free.
  • All Aerospace Studies textbooks are provided free.
  • Unless you are on a scholarship, you can try out our program for 2 years without obligation.
    (Unless you are on scholarship, you are not committed to the Air Force or Space Force until your junior year. Once you graduate and are commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, commitment is generally 4 years on active duty, but can be longer for special career fields such as pilot and Combat Systems Operator, or medical/legal fields.)

Learn more about U.S. Air Force and Space Force officer opportunities: