Field Training

Sophomore cadets preparing for their Field Training Experience: Here they are practicing low crawl with simulated M-16s.

Field Training offers cadets a firsthand look at the Air Force environment. You will attend an approximately 14-day summer Field Training session at Maxwell AFB, AL. At Field Training, cadets receive:

  • career information
  • junior officer training
  • aircraft and aircrew indoctrination
  • survival training
  • weapons familiarization
  • physical training familiarization with the organization and the function of an Air Force Base

Professional Officer Course

After completing Field Training successfully, cadets enter the Professional Officer Course (POC) for the last 2 years of college. In the POC, you will receive:

  • advanced training in leadership, management, communications, and national security
  • practical leadership experience at leadership lab where you will hold various leadership positions as part of the team which plans, organizes, staffs, directs, and controls cadet corps and lab activities

How Do I Attend Field Training if I'm Interested?

A cadet participates in Field Training (FT).

To attend Field Training, you must compete for an enrollment allocation with students nationwide. The allocation process is based on the "whole person" concept in which academics, physical fitness, and your performance as a cadet/student are considered. Completing Field Training is a great achievement for any cadet; the hard work is not without its rewards, as successful completion of Field Training is an important step towards receiving an Air Force commission.


If you have completed both the Aerospace Studies 100 and 200 curriculum and received your enrollment allocation, you will spend 14-days being tested in the following areas:

  • physical ability
  • ability to command a flight in drill
  • ability to drill
  • adapting to stress
  • ability to interact with others
  • leadership

Important Field Training Positions

  • Flight/Squadron/Group/Wing Commander
  • Flight/Squadron Adjutant
  • Flight/Group/Wing Standardization Officer (STANDO)
  • Flight/Group/Wing Physical Fitness Officer
  • Flight/Group/Wing Drill and Ceremonies Officer
  • Flight Information Officer (IM)