Enthusiastic cadets cheer on their team.

We currently offer 3- and 4-year programs. Most cadets opt for the 4-year program. Any program less than 4 years will require coordination with ROTC staff members and additional courses in order to complete the program by graduation.

General Military Course

The first 2 years are called the General Military Course (GMC).

Freshmen learn about the heritage, values, and organizational structures of the Air Force and Space Force. Sophomores are introduced to the fundamentals of team building and leadership.

In addition, cadets attend a Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) that meets once per week for 2 hours. During LLAB you'll practice customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, and develop your leadership skills. You will also listen to guest speakers, participate in sports and physical fitness activities, and learn about areas of opportunity available to commissioned officers during LLAB.

The GMC will prepare you to compete for a slot in the Professional Officers Course (POC). Continuation beyond the sophomore year is not automatic and selection is based on merit. In addition, you must also successfully complete a 14-day Field Training (FT) course at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL the summer prior to your junior year.

Professional Officers Course

Once you've successfully completed field training you'll enter the POC. During your junior and senior year you will take a 3-semester-hour course each semester focusing on leadership, management, communication, military law, and other officer skills. You'll also continue to attend LLAB, but in more demanding cadet leadership positions.

Other activities available for student involvement include:

  • Drill Team
  • Joint-Service Sports
  • Arnold Air Society
  • Public Affairs
  • Joint-Service Presidential Review
  • Detachment Dining-Out