Scholarships FAQ

Can I attend AFROTC without a scholarship?

Indeed you can. Approximately half of the students enrolled in AFROTC are not on a scholarship. They recognize the benefits enjoyed by commissioned officers.

Is any preference shown toward scholarship cadets over non-scholarship cadets?

Definitely not! It does not make any difference while you are in the AFROTC program whether you are on scholarship or not. Besides the 4-year scholarship, 2- to 3½-year scholarships are available on a competitive basis. These scholarships can cover full tuition, textbooks, certain fees, plus a monthly allowance to use as you desire during the school year. The fact that a student has an AFROTC scholarship has no bearing on an Air Force career.

Does the Air Force scholarship pay for room and board?

No. However, Miami University AFROTC cadets may receive up to $2,000 per year for room and board as long as they live on campus. The total dollar amount of each scholarship fluctuates every academic year based on the amount of funds we receive. To learn more about specific scholarships please visit the U.S. AFROTC website.

How am I reimbursed as a scholarship student for textbook expenses?

You should be prepared to pay cash for your book purchases from the campus bookstore. Save all your itemized receipts for required textbooks to submit the necessary paperwork to be reimbursed by AFROTC.

If I'm a scholarship student, what should my parents do if they receive a bill from the university for my tuition?

First, tell them not to panic; bookkeeping errors do occur. Second, they should write across the face of the bill "AFROTC Scholarship Student" and return it to the university. Finally, notify the Miami AFROTC office of the error. The mistake will be corrected.

Is it possible for me to change my academic major if on scholarship?

Yes, but this is a complex process and should be attempted only after you have given it much thought and spoken with an AFROTC advisor. AFROTC offers scholarships only in certain academic areas, and your proposed major must be one of those. In addition, you must have a valid reason for wanting to switch. If you want to change your major before arriving at Miami, please call us immediately and we will give you detailed instructions on the procedure.