Requirements for Ph.D. Students

A. Formal Course Requirements

Students must earn 18 credit hours of formal coursework, including:

  1. BIO 671, or equivalent course in population/community ecology
  2. BIO 672, or equivalent course in ecosystem ecology
  3. one graduate course in the student's home department, not including those used to satisfy requirements 1 or 2 above
  4. one course in statistics or mathematical modeling

A formal plan of study, including courses to be taken to satisfy requirements 1-4, must be approved by the student's committee. Equivalent courses taken in another graduate program may satisfy course requirements, at the discretion of the student's thesis/dissertation committee. In the event that a student has not yet formed a committee, s/he can seek approval from the Ecology Program Executive Committee.

B. Seminars

Students must take at least 4 semesters of graduate seminars in ecology.

C. Professional Workshop(s)/Seminar(s)

Students must take any workshop, seminar in teaching, or other professional training required of new students by the home department.

D. Dissertation

Students must complete a dissertation. The dissertation committee must include at least 5 faculty members. Three committee members must be from the student's home department, and three must be Ecology Program Faculty Associates. The Committee Chair (Advisor) must be a member or associate of the home department.

E. Comprehensive Exams

Students must pass a comprehensive written and oral exam, given by the student's dissertation committee.

F. Other Requirements

In all other matters, such as evaluation of teaching performance, service on departmental committees, etc., students must follow the procedures set forth by the student's home department.