Early Arrival Program (EAP)

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)  scholars at the Early Arrival Program (EAP)

The EAP is designed to prepare students for college-level academic excellence. The EAP begins the week before fall move-in day each year. Letters of invitation to the Early Arrival Program are sent in spring and early summer each year via the student's Miami email address to eligible incoming first-year students who have completed a commitment form to participate in the LSAMP Program. Instructions and deadline dates for the LSAMP Program and EAP will be provided by the LSAMP Program Director. LSAMP Early Arrival Program is required for all first-year LSAMP scholars.

The LSAMP grant covers the cost of the Early Arrival Program, including housing and meals. During the Early Arrival Program, students stay in their assigned fall semester residence hall room and eat in the Armstrong Center food court, a dining hall on campus, or the food is catered in through the program.

The EAP contains 4 parts:

Review of Pre-Calculus, Chemistry and/or Biology

Reviewing the math from high school has proven to improve student grades across all subjects. Students may also participate in introductory workshops for college-level chemistry and biology.

Open-ended Research Project Submitted by an Area Business

Real-world problems increase student interest, especially when they can present their solutions back to the company—which they will—and get awards from that company for their efforts—which they will. They also learn how to create a research question, find resources to answer that question, work in teams, and present their solutions.

Practical Academic Skills Needed in College

Students are now competing against the top 20% of their peers and the criterion for success is much higher than in high school. New skills in time management and notetaking are necessary to achieve success.

Attendance at MADE@Miami

Through Mentoring, Achievement, Diversity, and Excellence (MADE), students learn about the diversity programs available to them and why diversity is so important to learning and new ideas.

Goals for the Early Arrival Program

  • Learn strategies for academic success (study skills)
  • Review mathematics to prepare for the first STEM course
  • Build a sense of community and belonging (peers, staff, faculty)
  • Increase knowledge of campus resources and support services
  • Build confidence in making the transition to college
  • Participate in team-building activities
  • Gain exposure to many STEM fields/careers
  • Learn the importance of diversity in STEM
  • Build upon current strengths

Featured Activities at LSAMP Early Arrival Program

At the LSAMP EAP, you will:

  • Perform the basic parts of being a STEM student by tackling a real-world project on the Miami campus (defining a problem, researching a solution, presenting the solution)
  • Meet in teams to share ideas and theorize solutions
  • Learn about research in the University libraries and online
  • Learn what LSAMP offers to our students and what students must do to take advantage of what we offer

For the Pre-Semester Programs (including LSAMP EAP & MADE), every enrolled student has access to apply via the Applicant Status Page. This is a competitive program, so not all LSAMP-eligible students will be able to participate. Teamwork is important to the LSAMP Early Arrival Program. Please do not plan to participate in any other pre-semester program.

This program is only open to incoming first-year LSAMP-eligible students who have been accepted into the LSAMP Program and there is no cost to the student or family to attend. It includes programming, housing, and meals.

LSAMP-eligible means: you must be pursuing a STEM degree; from an ethnic group underrepresented in the sciences (African American, Native American, Hispanic, Native Alaskan or Pacific Islander or any mix that includes these); and be a US Citizen or permanent resident.

Due to increasing numbers, we must limit the number of students we can accept. Students will be selected based on their essays and achievements.