David F. Wilson, PhD

Dr. David F. Wilson and Mrs. Susan B. Wilson

The late Dr. David F. Wilson (1941-2019) was a Professor of Zoology at Miami University and retired after 40 years at Miami University. Dr. Wilson’s interest in serving the needs of students that wanted to pursue a career in the health profession spanned a period that exceeded 30 years. He served as Chair of the Pre-Dental Committee and later served for many years as Chair of the Premedical Advisory Committee.

In 2007 the name of the Thomas H. Mallory Center for Premedical Education was changed to the Thomas H. Mallory and David F. Wilson Center for Healthcare Education to honor Dr. Wilson for his role in turning their gift into this Center that strives to truly meet the needs of all Miami students that are interested in pursuing a a career in medicine. Dr. Wilson served as Director of the Center for eight years. When he stepped down as Director, Dr. & Mrs. Wilson established an endowment to help support Mallory-Wilson Center activities.

Prior to retirement Dr. Wilson taught Animal Physiology, Neurophysiology, and the capstone course, Current Issues in Medicine. His research interests as a neurophysiologist focused on the neuromuscular junction and synapse. Dr. Wilson received a B.A in Biology from Hofstra University in 1963 and a Ph.D. in Biological Science in 1968 from the University of Delaware. Following a postdoctoral fellowship at Northwestern University he joined the faculty at Miami in 1969 and fully retired in 2009.

After retiring, Dr. Wilson continued to serve as an active board member of the Mallory Wilson Center and had become actively engaged with other parents in helping to develop a residential farm for adults with autism (Safe Haven Farms) that is located in Middletown, Ohio.

Dr. Wilson's name was added to the Center in recognition of his dedication to the Center.