2010 Student Spotlight

Vybhav Jetty

(Class of 2011)

With much planning and hard work, I was able to pursue this interest [second major in Philosophy] while simultaneously focusing on medical school and my Zoology major. This combination of majors enabled me to learn about the science within the human body, as well as the ethical decisions I will face as a doctor.

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Meredith Beck

(Class of 2011)

For me, the Mallory-Wilson Center was my guiding light. The advisors are very straightforward and realistic with you. It is tough road, but without the guidance I was given, it would have been much harder. The advisors walk you through the process of what you need to do each year and break the application process down so that you understand the important parts for each step.

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Caitlin Martin

(Class of 2011)

Although I knew that Miami would … benefit me on my path towards medical school, I was astounded when I discovered the extent of opportunities that Miami and the Mallory-Wilson Center provide.

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Alexandru Alexa

(Class of 2011)

Miami was the school that could offer me the best preparation for entering medical school. This is evident in the high number of Miami applicants accepted into medical school compared to the national average.

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Andrew Lichter

(Class of 2011)

If there is one thing that I love most about the academic program at Miami, it's the number of quality options available to undergraduate students, especially pre-health students.

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