2012-2014 Student Spotlight

Briana Deer

(Class of 2016)

From the beginning I was interested in Miami's pre-med program, so during that visit I had a meeting with Robert Balfour in the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education. He told me that if I combined pre-med studies with the Honors program I would have a very good chance of getting into medical school.

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Serena MacDonald

(Class of 2014)

Another key person was Robert Balfour, the assistant director of the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education. As my pre-medical advisor since my first year, he's been extremely influential and helped me get my med school applications in on time!

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Justin Chu

(Class of 2015)

I chose Miami not only because of its legacy and tradition, but also because of its reputation for preparing students for post-undergraduate work. These were things that really stuck out to me, and on my visit here I fell in love with the campus. From there it was a pretty easy decision.

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Todd Brophy

(Class of 2012)

Miami is an ideal place to spend four years of college … Whether you want to volunteer at a school, conduct research, or any other number of things, you definitely can make it happen at Miami.

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