2015-2016 Student Spotlight

Zaheer Choudhury

(Class of 2018)

My microbiology major, premedical studies co-major, and especially my global health minor have shown me a lot about why certain medical interventions that were supposed to work actually failed. Beyond the medical explanations, there are also a lot of different anthropological and psychological underpinnings associated with the global health minor that have helped explain this issue.

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Joseph Miller

(Class of 2018)

I love that most of my classes build on each other and that I get to be in the same science classes as other biology/pre-­med students that I lived with freshman year. It has definitely helped with learning the material and making the major much more fun. The collaboration that occurs between me and other biology majors helps prepare us for our future because we often think about topics in different ways.

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Neena Patel

(Class of 2016)

I'm confident that my Microbiology major and Premedical Studies co-major have given me a strong foundation for a career in medicine. Miami has done a fantastic job with not only helping me understand and interact with complex subjects, but also in giving me opportunities beyond the classroom to apply my knowledge in different ways!

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Jessica Walpole

(Class of 2015)

When I came to visit Miami for the first time, it was the only school that felt like home. I noticed that the students seemed happy, involved, and wanted to be here. Miami’s high emphasis on academics was exactly what I was looking for, and it’s hard to beat #2 nationwide in undergraduate teaching!

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