2017-2018 Student Spotlight

Rebecca Wyma

(Class of 2018)

Research is one of the favorite things I've taken part in at Miami so far. At first, I got involved in it as a way to decide whether I wanted to continue research in graduate school or just attend medical school. But I found out that I ended up enjoying research alongside a medical route because both focused on a process that I liked: discovering. Currently, I have interests in being involved in a career that combines both medicine and research!

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Sammi Marshall

(Class of 2018)

The preceptor­ship, which is basically an opportunity where students shadow under practicing physicians to gain experience, was coordinated by one of my favorite professors, David Pennock, a professor of biology, my advisor, and director of the Mallory-Wilson Center. I can talk to him about pretty much anything!

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Christopher Beecroft

(Class of 2018)

Some of my best experiences have been working as a residence assistant in Stanton Hall, which houses the Premedical Living and Learning Community (LLC) — all students planning to head off to some sort of health professional school. It has been a great way to be a role model, someone who has taken the same steps as the freshmen and sophomores have.

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Morgan Nguyen

(Class of 2018)

I only had Dr. [David] Pennock once in a seminar class, but as the director of the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education, he has been very helpful as my premed advisor. He has assuaged my worries by offering me confidential and calming advice about my interest in attending medical school after graduation. His premedical seminar helps you get acquainted with the nitty-gritty of applying to medical school.

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Tiffany Campbell

(Class of 2018)

Most recently, I did a 10-week summer internship through the Mallory-Wilson Center for Healthcare Education to do neurosurgery research and shadowing at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. I shadowed a neurosurgeon, Dr. Sudhakar Vadivelu, over the entire summer and worked on clinical research projects with him. This has been one of my favorite college experiences, and I'm actually still working there once a week, developing some manuscripts for publication, and I delivered a conference talk in DC in October!

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Hannah Jennings

(Class of 2017)

Regarding the academic side of things, Dr. David Pennock in the Mallory Wilson Center for Healthcare Education has been a huge help as a premedical advisor. He wrote me a med school letter of recommendation, and I'm able to ask him about anything I have questions about. This helped me prepare for the MCAT exam in January 2016, in which I scored in the 90th percentile!

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