Undergraduate Minor in Neuroscience

photo of Serena MacDonald"I worked under the biology department's Dr. Kathleen Killian in her research lab for 3 years, and she's been a really great mentor for me. She takes tons of undergraduates in her lab and does a really nice job providing students with what is often their first research experience."

- Serena MacDonald, Zoology major and Neuroscience minor

The undergraduate minor in Neuroscience is offered jointly by the Departments of Biology and Psychology. This minor enables students to pursue an in-depth multidisciplinary study of the nervous system. It provides a basic framework for students planning advanced work at the graduate level.

To complete a thematic sequence in neuroscience, students must complete a minimum of 9 semester hours outside of their department of major.

To get a minor in Neuroscience, a student must complete a minimum of 18 semester hours, distributed as follows:

  • Required Courses (10 hours)
  • Additional Courses (9-12 hours)

For more information about the minor, contact Dr. Kathy Killian in the Department of Biology or Dr. Jennifer Quinn in the Department of Psychology:

Dr. Kathleen Killian
260 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-3310

Dr. Jennifer Quinn
110 Psychology Building
(513) 529-3611

Program Requirements (Miami General Bulletin)