Welcome to Miami University!

Our program offers so much to support our mission goals. As such, we are thrilled to provide our students with an amazing clinical year experience.

Following intensive didactic training, our students have the opportunity to rotate with several area partners over a 12-month clinical schedule. These clinical rotations begin in the summer of the students second year, with a plan for a diverse clinical immersion that allows the student to observe and engage a variety of healthcare systems, patient populations, public & individual health challenges, and several interprofessional & interdisciplinary team methods.

Our Clinical curriculum consists of core rotations in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Behavioral Health, Pediatrics, General Surgery, and Emergency Medicine. Yet our program has also supported more advanced curriculum delivery in orthopedics, three structured and one full elective rotation, which allow the student to explore advanced clinical interests in preparation to serve their communities.

While a majority of those clinical rotations are located in Ohio, as our priority is on providing our students the best clinical experience, rotations may take place throughout the United States.

The careful integration of our didactic curriculum within our clinical year allows for the holistic healthcare needs of our patients to remain at the forefront of our training, preparing our graduates to explore the “total care” of our patients. This includes not only disease prevention, recognition and treatment across the lifespan, but meeting the patient in their unique life experience limitations and goals and supporting them accordingly.

We are excited to have numerous community partners in healthcare who are responsive to supporting our mission and vision. We are humbled by their participation, which has made our curriculum delivery possible and are unquestionably key to its strength, ensuring only the best clinical training for our students.

We are excited to meet and partner with you!

Love and Honor,
Prof. Emily E. Brown, MPAS, PA-C
Director of Clinical Education and Assistant Clinical Professor