Pre-Law Courses

PLW 101 - Exploring Careers in Law I

Beginning in their first year, students can explore their interest in law and learn about the diversity of the profession through guest speakers who work in a variety of fields, including:

  • criminal prosecution
  • law firm litigation
  • public interest law
  • business
  • lobbying
  • in-house counsel

Students will also have the opportunity to get a taste of law school in a mock law class.

PLW 201 - Exploring Careers in Law II

This course is designed to allow prelaw students to explore the toolbox of skills necessary for success in the field of law, including:

  • issue spotting
  • advocacy
  • persuasive writing
  • client interaction
  • negotiation
  • ethics

LSAT Preparation

Students preparing for the LSAT can enroll in Miami's spring LSAT preparation course through Miami's Global Initiatives' Continuing Education. The instructor for this non-credit course is a former professional LSAT instructor who is available to students for individualized tutoring and instruction. 

PLW 301 - Ethics in Legal Practice

This course exposes pre-professional students to current legal ethics and professionalism issues that impact law and policy careers. This course will use a combination of case studies, personal reflections, and class discussions to allow students to understand current and future legal career issues and formulate a personal ethical framework to navigate them

PLW 401 - Preparing for a Career in Law

Miami seniors who apply to law school will learn to navigate their way through the admissions process in PLW 401, a course that equips students with the information necessary to complete competitive law school applications.