Miami University Law Day, 2012: Video Transcript

Amanda Grandjean [senior Political Science and Journalism double major; College of Arts & Science]: Since Law Day I have thankfully been accepted to five law schools, and great law schools and I'm just waiting to hear back from six more and then I'll begin the decision making process.

Maria Vitullo, Esq [director, Pre-Law Program]: Every year Miami University hosts its annual Law Day and this is an opportunity for senior competitive applicants to interview with law schools who come to campus specifically to meet with our seniors.

Amanda Grandjean: I personally had about six interviews from nine AM to eleven AM — two hours straight through — talking to these admissions representatives and sometimes they were the deans of the law school themselves.

Maria Vitullo: After the senior interviews we host several schools from all over the country on campus in our Shriver Center and students are able to meet with law school representatives one-on-one and ask questions about their law schools.

Thomas McAndrew [senior Political Science major; College of Arts & Science]: I think it definitely adds a human element experience to the application process. When you go online you see a lot of facts and figures and statistics but hearing from these reps, you know, some of them went to that law school you get that experience, that personal experience.

David T. Bules, Esq [associate, Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL, William and Mary Law School representative]: I went to William and Mary. I graduated from William and Mary. So I know the type of students they have, the type of administration and the faculty they have and I want to match their interests up with the interests of the kids here at Miami.

Maria Vitullo: I think Law Day is becoming more and more important for undergraduate students. In this legal market I think students need to be very educated consumers.

Elizabeth Martin [senior Political Science major; College of Arts & Science]: I think that the Law Fair is a really great opportunity to get to contact some of the schools that you've maybe been "iffy" about or maybe ones you didn't even know much about at all. I had a good conversation with a school that I wasn't even considering applying and now I'm definitely going to apply.

Daniel Ward [senior Chemical Engineering major; School of Engineering and Applied Science]: If I wanted to interview with all of the schools that I wanted to look at it, I'd be spending thousands of dollars applying to place to place I think this is just a great way to get to know some people from the school, to learn more about the school and help me in making my decision.

Maria Vitullo: Then following the Law Fair, we host a law school professor back in the classroom and we entertain students with a Mock Law class which is really important for students to sit in on and understand what it's like to be a real law student with a real law school professor.

Mock Law Professor (addressing Mock Law class): This is the classic law student 'modus operandi'. You're ready to go, okay? What you do when you face our question, you just argue against the hypothetical, okay? You just deny the circumstances that make it hard.

A. Christopher Bryant [professor, University of Cincinnati College of Law; guest instructor, Mock Law class]: For this session I want people to be able to leave with a good sense of what law school is likely to be like, so that they can make an informed intelligent decision about "Is this right for me?"

Cindy Moore [senior Political Science and Journalism double major; College of Arts & Science]: Nothing's better than like seeing what you're going to be doing once you get there. And Professor Bryant was just like really straightforward and like professional and just like realistic in what his goals were gonna be as he was teaching a class of first-year law students.

Amanda Grandjean: I think that Law Day was a huge success this year. There's, again, a ton of great school. You know, it's all the way top tier schools. Every level of law school is there and totally willing to give you so much information and they know — they're looking for Miami students because they know the quality of Miami students is so high that they're recruiting you as much as you are promoting yourselves.

[October 2012]