2008 Student Spotlight

Camille Stewart

(Class of 2008)

Camille Stewart"Take advantage of the Pre-Law Program. The experience that I have gained from it this past year has been great … phenomenal!"

Read what Camille had to say about leadership activities at Miami, her internship, and 'shy lawyers'.

Drew Dorner

(Class of 2008)

Drew Dorner"[The Pre-Law programs] are already providing excellent networking connections … I'll say this—it's lived up to my expectations; I came here and I got everything that I was looking for. Everything that I needed assistance with, I got. It was great."

Read what Drew had to say about the Miami Glee Club, Mock Trial, and figuring out what to study.

Kate Reid

(Class of 2008)

Kate Reid"The targeted advising and [other Pre-Law] programs have been very, very valuable … The panels with law students and financial aid directors, for example, were just fantastic!"

Read what Kate had to say about classical music training, transferring from another university, and pre-law coursework.