2014 Student Spotlight

Alissa Pollack

(Class of 2015)

photo of Alissa Pollack"I took part of my sophomore year off and moved to New York to do an internship with Annie Leibovitz … Being in the Western Program, all of this became a course that counted towards my major! There's no better experience than that."

Read what Alissa had to say about Miami and her internship with Annie Leibovitz.

Kayla Orta

(Class of 2015)

photo of Kayla Orta"I came to Miami with a precise idea of what I want to study and do with my life … I also think it might be better to come in not knowing what you want to do, because then you have lots of time and opportunities to explore. Miami's College of Arts and Science and the Western Program really provide that opportunity, allowing you to experiment with a lot of cool classes and programs."

Read what Kayla had to say about languaculture and her passion for the Korean peninsula.

Cole Tyman

(Class of 2015)

photo of Cole Tyman"Western is an amazing opportunity because it gives you a chance to think in ways you never thought you could before. I would recommend it because it's so individualized, so anyone can find something that they really love."

Read what Cole had to say about the Western Program and leadership opportunities at Miami.

Garrett Gust

(Class of 2016)

photo of Garrett Gust"I love the Western Program—it's definitely my favorite thing about Miami. Its people and atmosphere are very positive and creative, and it's what being a student at Miami should be. Everyone helps everyone out. Kim Ernsting and other faculty recommend classes, help me refine my plan, discuss with me about what I want to do and what I want to study."

Read what Garrett had to say about the Western Program and liberal arts at Miami.

Rachael White

(Class of 2016)

photo of Rachael White"Both the Western Program and the College of Arts and Science do a really good job at promoting different ideas and different perspectives. The Miami Plan, with its focus on the liberal arts, often takes us outside our comfort zone, but it makes us more well-rounded both academically and personally."

Read what Rachael had to say about her focus of study and her trip to Patagonia, Argentina.

Michael Taggart

(Class of 2016)

photo of Michael Taggart"When I first arrived here, Miami felt more welcoming and like an actual college campus than the other schools I visited. I've met a lot of interesting people here, and many of them have really changed my outlook on life."

Read what Michael had to say about "Advertising Towards the Pursuit of Happiness".