Student Spotlight

Current and former students describe how they came to choose Miami, life as a Miami student, the value of a liberal arts education, their study abroad experiences and internships, and more.

Alexa Lawhorn

photo of Alexa Lawhorn(Class of 2022)

"One thing I really love about both of my departments, history and comparative religion, is how much the professors want to get to know the students and make those personal connections. You get to hear about their research, and they like to ask you questions about what you're interested in, and then you can geek out together, which is always super fun."

Read what Alexa had to say about her research and her two majors.

Esha Chadha

photo of Esha Chadha(Class of 2020)

"When I was five, my dad passed away from cancer. He was a physician, and even after getting chemotherapy radiation he would go to work so he could be there for his patients no matter what. So I knew that I wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to make an impact on lives like he did. Coming to Miami, I realized that this is my purpose."

Read what Esha had to say about her research and her non-profit organization.

Christian Contessa

photo of Christian Contessa(Class of 2021)

"Something at Miami that's really important is relationship building and forming a good rapport with your professors and fellow classmates. I think that's highly stressed here, which I really do enjoy. I think that those interpersonal and social skills, those soft skills, are going to lead me very well into anything that I'm doing in the future, and for that I'm very grateful to Miami."

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Hailey Kingsbury

photo of Hailey Kingsbury(Class of 2021)

"At Miami, the speech pathology and audiology major has highly qualified professors that teach specialized courses while serving clients in the Speech and Hearing Clinic. They have worked in every setting, and it's very valuable to have access to their expertise."

Read what Hailey had to say about her research and passion for audiology.

Grace Chaney

photo of Grace Chaney(Class of 2021)

"Looking back at my last three years at Miami, I never would have imagined how many opportunities my research involvement would generate, nor how big of a role it would play in my life and future. My research commitments have allowed me to become a better communicator, problem solver, investigator and above all else, a more empathetic and patient person."

Read what Grace had to say about her advocacy efforts and her dedication to research.

Rachel Sullivan

photo of Rachel Sullivan(Class of 2020)

"Miami offers so many different types of classes under the umbrella of liberal arts. With the classes I've taken in the College of Arts and Science, I have acquired a wide range of information for a very wide range of interests. You learn many different ways to approach a certain problem or material rather than just getting sucked into one topic. I feel confident that I can read a research report or dive into a novel and get critical information out of both."

Read what Rachel had to say about her research on medical decision-making.

Jeri Oranski

photo of Jeri Oranski(Class of 2021)

"Miami's liberal arts education does a really good job encouraging students to venture outside their discipline, giving you a chance to develop those interdisciplinary skills. My professors and academic advisors have been very supportive, helping me navigate majors and minors and the more nuanced path that I wanted to follow."

Read what Jeri had to say about her internship in Bangalore, India.

Elyse Legeay

photo of Elyse Legeay(Class of 2021)

"My coursework is all-encompassing in and out of the classroom. I've learned so much about so many different parts of the world, which has been so insightful and immensely helpful in all my classes. But beyond that, I'm learning a lot of really valuable skills — not just the knowledge base, but also enhancing skills that are applicable in any discipline."

Read what Elyse had to say about working with minority children in Kosovo.

Santiago Puente Davila

photo of Santiago Puente Davila(Class of 2022)

"I made my decision to come to Miami around 3 days before the deadline. I was split between Miami and another university, but I realized that Miami's faculty and advisors really care about helping students get wherever they need to go. I didn't really see that at other universities."

Read what Santiago had to say about his study abroad experiences and Miami Mock Trial.

Graham Curry

photo of Graham Curry(Class of 2020)

"Of all the colleges I visited while in high school, I felt most comfortable at Miami. The campus is beautiful and just the right size…Now that I've attended Miami for a few years, I've found that it's so nice to recognize people when I am walking around campus…That sense of familiar accessibility is my favorite part of the Miami community."

Read what Graham had to say about the medical education boardgame he developed.

Abby Heublein

photo of Abby Heublein(Class of 2021)

"Miami's liberal arts program, provided through the College of Arts and Science, has made my major very well-rounded. It allows you to craft a degree combination that fits your interests…The writing requirements at Miami have helped me develop a strong writing background…The liberal arts have definitely made me a better, more deliberate writer."

Read what Abby had to say about her research on remote sensing of horseshoe crab habitat.