Inside Hollywood: Video Transcript

Kate Redinger [Mass Communication major with a focus in Media Production, Class of 2015]: As a mass communication major with a media production focus, I've always been interested in entertainment and getting into the industry, and I saw Inside Hollywood as an opportunity to go to LA.

Howard Kleiman, PhD [Professor in the Department of Media, Journalism and Film]: When we started the Inside Washington program, we realized that we could do this terrific program based on all these terrific alums that were working in Washington.  We knew that we had at least a core in Hollywood that, if we asked, might be able to do the same thing. We talked about a shadowing component of the program, and they couldn't have been more enthusiastic.

Paige Atherton [Mass Communication major with a focus in Media Production, Class of 2014]: Going out to Hollywood is something that I've been thinking about in choosing a Mass Communication major, and this was an incredible opportunity to be able to go out and network before I moved out there. One of my favorite programs that we did was going to the NCIS set, and seeing how a television show was shot, what everyone's role was for the day, and how everyone interacted.

Kate Redinger: Watching their post-production facilities, seeing how they edited the episodes, corrected them, getting them ready for cable broadcast, and we actually got to sit in a special room and watch them film, and we got to wear the headsets and hear the director's comments.

Britton Perelman [Journalism and Media & Culture majors, Class of 2016]: As a Media and Culture and Journalism double major, I've got, I'm pretty much obsessed with media and all of its various forms and everything like that.

Professor Kleiman: There are a number of objectives for the Inside Hollywood Program. One is to certainly give them a first-hand look at how it works. This was a chance to have them hear from producers and writers and promotional people and managers and just from basically every part of the business.

Clare Grall [Mass Communication and Psychology majors, Class of 2014]: Especially getting to meet with the alumni who really helped us out so much. His name was Rick Ludwin, who really gave this program a huge boost. Meeting with him and hearing his experiences, we got to meet with him personally, and then he was the one who really set up the Conan show for us.

Chris Barger [English major, Class of 2014]: A cool thing was getting to meet Conan O'Brien. We got to see them tape a show and then afterward he changed, changed out of his suit, and then came up and talked to us for about 45 minutes and said "OK, what do you guys want to know?"

Britton Perelman: I really respect him, and being able to talk with him in a sort of informal way that most other people wouldn't get to was really, really rewarding.

Professor Kleiman: The other part was a very pragmatic part, which was for the students who want to actually work in the business to give them some momentum to do that.

Clare Grall: You get a little bit of experience, of exposure to so many different types of jobs, including on-air promotions, which is sort of marketing, and then you get the producing and on set, and you get to meet all these alumni who really want to help you.

Britton Perelman: We were told over and over again, "Know your audience, know who you're addressing, know how to address them, know what they want so that you can best cater to them." I've been able to take that one lesson that we were told by so many different people in Los Angeles and apply it to my classes.

Paige Atherton: The key abilities and experiences necessary to succeed out in LA are a great thing to have in mind, and that I've really been able to focus on them for my last semester.

Kate Redinger: I would love to work in writing, comedy, sitcoms, sketch comedy, more, that's my thing, and I would definitely love to go out there and work on that.

Chris Barger: It's my dream to work out there, really and truly. And I feel like this program really helped lay a foundation for that to happen.

[March 2014]