New York City Media: Video Transcript

Nicole Theodore [Journalism and Psychology majors, Class of 2014]: I've been involved in media on campus, and I wanted to expand my knowledge of it and go to the big city. It's always been my dream to go to New York.

Joe Barton [Political Science major, Class of 2015]: I decided to sign up for the NYC Media workshop because it's such a once in a lifetime opportunity not just to go to New York, but to meet the people that you meet.

Patricia Gallagher Newberry [Senior Lecturer of Journalims, Department of Media, Journalism and Film]: The goal was to expose students to what it takes to be a journalist in New York. I started building the list by reaching out to alumni. We had great success in lining up 15 different media organizations over four days.

Nicole Theodore: Miami alumni are so willing to help you. No matter how far they've progressed in their career, they remember being in your same spot.

Joe Barton: Probably the most appealing thing would be getting to go see The New York Times, and also The Daily Show.

Amanda Hancock [Journalism and English/Professional Writing majors, Class of 2015]: My favorite was probably meeting with Lisa Bannon, who is the Arts and Entertainment editor at The Wall Street Journal. She was just an awesome person to talk to because she worked her way up from being a Miami student to where she is now.

Nicole Theodore: These weren't low-level people in their industries, these were executive editors like Bill Keller at The New York Times. We were meeting editors at Allure magazine. And they were really being honest with us and telling us what we needed to do to get there.

Patricia Gallagher Newberry: We started the trip at NBC on Monday morning, where we had a chat with three senior producers. We had a walk around the various sets, The Today Show, Saturday Night Live, the Evening News with Bryan Williams. We learned a lot there about what it really takes to be an anchor.

Joe Barton: The strategies that they have to go through, like the things that you have to decide on a daily basis to try to build your brand to try to stay alive especially in the tough industry now that journalism is changing so much.

Patricia Gallagher Newberry: On the second day of our trip, we went to Fox News.

Joe Barton: Two of the probably biggest names among the alums we got to talk to were Fox News, Bill Hemmer, who co-hosts his own show, and Gerri Willis, who also hosts her own show during the daytime.

Patricia Gallagher Newberry: Our mid-week visit was at Newsweek, at The New York Times, and a couple other places, where we had all-star lineups all day long.

Nicole Theodore: Something that stood out for me in the program was being able to ask Bill Keller about his experience at The New York Times as executive editor and now is a frequent columnist. I was the person interviewing him, so that was really an amazing experience.

Amanda Hancock: We had a great lineup of about five people ranging from writers to top editors, so it was a great experience to hear them talk for a short amount of time each.

Patricia Gallagher Newberry: And our final day in the city, we had the good fortune to meet with four different recent graduates, all in the magazine business.

Amanda Hancock: I think it definitely just allowed me to see that I want to go into magazine writing and just be in New York if I can.

Joe Barton: It really made me start thinking about management decisions. Honestly, where will I go after I graduate with my undergrad to try and get a position where I can make the kinds of decisions that an executive editor gets to make.

Nicole Theodore: It also provided me with networking opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten if I didn't go. And it pushed me to, I guess, look at the bigger picture of what I want to do.

[March 2014]