Spanish Language and Culture: Video Transcript

Kerry Hegarty, PhD [Associate Professor of Spanish]: The main objective of this program was for students to improve their written and spoken Spanish and to gain an understanding of the Colombian culture.

Shane McMullen [Finance major, Class of 2016]: I had to practice Spanish a lot and speak to people of all ages from, like 5-year-old kids to 80-year-old adults, and they all speak differently and sound differently.

Ana Maria Diaz Burgos, PhD [Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish]: It was a voluntary opportunity to do a service project, especially with underserved children. It was one of the most beautiful experiences for most of the students.

Sally Ann Mitchell [Mass Communication and Spanish majors, Class of 2016]: We paired up with the little kids, and one girl sat on my lap within the first two minutes of getting there. It was just a really neat thing to see these children who were so open to meeting new people.

Victoria Postmantur [Media & Culture and Spanish majors, Class of 2016]: It goes to show how you find people you have in common with all around the world and everyone's drawn to the same things even in different cultures.

Matthew Calderon [International Studies and Economics majors, Class of 2016]: I was definitely able to see different markets that I wouldn't be able to experience in the United States.

Victoria Postmantur: I got to experience in a different country and got to learn about all the different ways that they utilize their media and how they represent their society in film.

Shane McMullen: So I want to do something that helps Spanish speakers.

Sally Ann Mitchell: I was 100% confirmed after this trip that I needed to do something with Spanish and to have it involved in my life because it opens up so many doors for opportunity in the long run, and you just get to meet so many new people.

Ana Maria Diaz Burgos: I am very honored, because now they are ambassadors of my own culture and they can speak highly of what to be in Colombia means.

[February 2014]