Winter Term 2015 in Review: Video Transcript

Eric Leon [Psychology and Philosophy majors, Class of 2015; India Trip]: There is real benefit to studying abroad because you're able to learn, kind of in a more visceral sense, what it is to look at the world in a different way.

Shannon Flahive [Biology major, Class of 2015; Fiji Trip]: I remember getting off the boat, and the first person to greet me was one of our guides, Mary, and she's 21. She's the most beautiful girl ever and just so nice and so genuine and so powerful, too. She was just like, "I'm Mary!" and I was like, "I'm Shannon!" And we got along so well.

Cassie Lawrence [Zoology major with Premedical Studies co-major, Class of 2015; Fiji Trip]: They're amazing people. They don't live like we do. They don't have TVs; they don't have electricity most of the time; they just don't have the things that we have here. But, like, they're so happy.

MacKenzie Martin [Economics and Statistics majors, Class of 2017; Fiji Trip]: It was such a different culture than what I had experienced. They were extremely family- and community-based. And getting to know each of their stories, what their aspirations were in life, and their future goals was astounding.

Sara Schindler [Linguistics major, Class of 2015; Paris Trip]: One of my favorite parts from the Paris trip was when we took a trip out to the Loire River Valley in the French countryside, and we got to do a wine tasting, and we went to see, I think, three different French chateaus.

Olivia Vandervoort [Political Science major, Class of 2017; Paris Trip]: As far as different experiences, there were the big things and the small things. The first time you see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night and the riverboat cruises down the Seine.

Kendra Huspaska [Graphic Design major, Class of 2017; Paris Trip]: I just remember we were all just sitting there very quiet, and the water was still, and we were the only boat on the water because it was so cold. It was just a really magical time because we were all just happy to be there reflecting on the trip as a whole.

Victoria Cooke [History major, Class of 2015; France and Belgium Trip]: I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the first World War and then the years following the initial conflict.

Riley Kane [History and Diplomacy & Global Politics majors, Class of 2017; France and Belgium Trip]: It expanded my understanding a lot more by letting me kind of physically experience a little part of what other people in the past did.

Nikhitha Kakarala [Psychology major, Class of 2015; India Trip]: I still can pull on things that I learned in India, so it's kind of been a continuous experience because when you're there, you don't really realize the brevity of what you're doing, and you can really apply a lot of what you've done there to what you're doing here.

Timothy Ovia [Psychology major, Class of 2015; India Trip]: I feel like studying abroad has really helped me refine my cultural awareness.

Morgan Liddic [Gerontology major, Class of 2016; Thailand Trip]: When you're walking down the street, you're forced to kind of just get into the groove of how people are flowing, what to do, what not to do, and it was really interesting to see how people communicated with each other.

Desmond Dixon [Chemical Engineering major, Class of 2015; Thailand Trip]: It helped me look at a different perspective, just a different view of life.

Tiffany Hu [Chemistry and Kinesiology majors, Class of 2016; Italy Trip]: I definitely gained a lot more respect for the international students who come and study abroad, because it's like something that is challenging for them and I found it challenging for me going to Italy.

Sara Dastagir [Political Science major, Class of 2015; Oman Trip]: I think being able to go to Oman and experience the Middle East with my own eyes, as a poli sci major it is very important for me to be able to learn how to research in-country.

Alhaji Bah [Mechanical Engineering major, Class of 2014; Oman Trip]: It's a place that anyone could live in if they wanted to, and they would get along fine. I really enjoyed the people there.

Duke McDonald  [Political Science major, Class of 2015; Oman Trip]: When you fully immerse yourself in a culture that could not be more different from what you experience every day in the United States, it's always a positive experience.

Erin O'Malley [Strategic Communication major, Class of 2015; Fiji Trip]: I just remember that moment thinking how lucky I was to be in Fiji, and no one else is going to be able to experience this but me and my group, who…we've all become so close and such good friends.

Cassie Lawrence [Fiji Trip]: The culture shock, I think, is really how I learned to deal with someone else's culture that was so different from mine, is really going to help me.

Shannon Flahive [Fiji Trip]: It's all about having an appreciation for human life, and I think that it's going to make me a better doctor.

Kendra Huspaska [Paris Trip]: I think it will come up in the rest of my years here at Miami, and the artwork I'm producing, the work that I'm producing, the papers I'm writing, I think will always be referencing or reflecting back on my trip.

Sara Schindler [Paris Trip]: It was just something that I'm going to carry with me throughout my entire education at Miami.

[February 2015]