Still Always Feels Like Home: Video Transcript

Howard Hershey (Miami, 1974) [Research Director for Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.]: I'm sort of a legacy. My brother went here — in the business department — where he graduated from, and he really enjoyed the experience, and for me it was a good representation. It was probably, in my mind, also the most affordable in-state school; it offered me the most that I could get with my money.

Favorite memories of Miami are many, and after 40 years are almost fading away. But it was just the idea in my mind of being at a place that was small enough where I could have a presence, yet large enough that I wasn't feeling restricted in my opportunity. It was a nice town, a safe place, a beautiful campus, the people were such that I clicked with and I just felt at ease here. It was just a very good experience.

Returning to campus, and I don't do it that often which is probably a big mistake, reminds me a lot of good experiences, good times, and you realize that there's still a tradition here about Miami when you walk around — the architecture, the philosophy, the people, the engagement around undergraduate education, the bricks downtown in the street. You know, it just still always feels like home.

[October 2012]