What is Not an Art or a Science?: Video Transcript

Adam Bain (English and Journalism, Miami, 1995) [Chief Operating Officer, Twitter]: My job at Twitter, what I do for a living, is to tell stories about people and the world. Yet, oftentimes, telling your own story is the hardest one to tell.

Marne Levine (Communication and Political Science, Miami, 1992) [Chief Operating Officer, Instagram]: Experience can be important, but it is often the rookies — those without prior experience in a given job — who actually outperform the veterans.

Adam Bain: It did not matter that I didn't graduate with an engineering degree or a business degree. I had an Arts and Science degree from Miami.

Marne Levine: No matter how much experience you have, the key to keeping your rookie edge is to keep asking questions — keep asking "why?" — and to deliberately keep going outside of your comfort zone.

Adam Bain: You're well prepared to take on whatever comes your way. After all, what in this world is not an art or a science?

Marne Levine: Make a pact with yourself today to be that change that you want to see, whether around the corner or across the world.

Chris Makaroff [Dean of the College of Arts and Science; Professor of Chemistry]: That's what employers are looking for, and that's what we teach and try to develop in the College of Arts and Science.