Alumni in Business Spotlight

Many CAS alumni have careers in business and industry. Read what some of them have had to say about how their liberal arts education led to their successes.

Emily Kuhn

photo of Emily Kuhn(Strategic Communication major)
(Director of Communications at CNN Worldwide)

"Once you get into the workforce, opportunities come up and people are exposed to a whole host of jobs that are available now that may not have been listed as a major you were choosing when you were 18. But if you have the foundation of being able to write, create a coherent argument, and think strategically, it sets you up for success in a variety of fields."

Read what Emily had to say about her role at CNN.

Kris Charles

photo of Kris Charles(Speech Communication (Strategic Communication) major)
(Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs, Kellogg Company)

"My liberal arts background has also given me the ability to engage in problem-solving for a wide variety of issues and then building functional technical skills that are transferable to the professional world. With my education I could have gone into journalism, nonprofit communications, PR and advertising, broadcast and video production, social and digital media — the possibilities are really quite broad."

Read what Kris had to say about her diverse career in the business world.

Kristen Saranteas

photo of Kristen Saranteas(International Studies and Spanish double major)
(Head of Treasury Management, First Midwest Bank)

"With my liberal arts education from Miami, I had the skill sets and the stroke of good fortune to get into a career that's more traditionally the focus of business majors. Banks offer training courses to help recent grads of any major to understand real-life experience, and especially if you're a people person like I am you will find your niche. For me, this specific niche was sales, and I had enough discipline, acumen, and financial knowledge to be able to pick it up quickly. I wouldn't have been as successful without a liberal arts background."

Read what Kristen had to say about her successes in the banking industry.

Lucy Owsley

photo of Lucy Owsley(Anthropology major)
(Owner , Boulder Belt Eco-Farm)

"Having gone off on my own and created my own business, I feel that I use many of the skills I learned at Miami all the time. Market farming requires you to have a nimble and creative mind — and critical thinking is an absolute must."

Read what Lucy had to say about her 23-year experience as a small sustainable farmer who grows for direct market sales.

James Earl Cox III

photo of James Earl Cox III(English/Creative Writing; Mass Communication; Interactive Media Studies majors)
(Co-founder and Director , Seemingly Pointless)

"A liberal arts education was important for me, as it afforded the time and classes to explore any areas of interest I might have had. It lent a taste of what the courses would be like, should I have decided to go along any particular path…the range of courses and majors offered at Miami is astounding."

Read what James had to say about his favorite Miami experiences and his achievements in the field of gaming.

Tyler G. Sinclair

photo of Tyler G. Sinclair(Black World Studies; Political Science majors)
(Project Director, The Winston Group)

"I've recently started working at a small polling and strategy firm called The Winston Group in Washington, DC. … Much of my work consists of research and analysis of various issues using quantitative methods I learned at Miami. Every day is a different type of mental challenge, and you always need to be on top of your game."

Read what Tyler had to say about his experiences and his advice to current CAS students.