Heanon Wilkins Faculty Fellows

Miami University’s Heanon Wilkins Fellows program recruits annual cohorts of up to ten (10) culturally diverse scholars with a strong interest in pursuing a career as a faculty member, pairing them with dedicated mentoring and intentional preparation for a career in higher education, ideally as a tenure-eligible faculty member at Miami University.

This program is named after former Miami Professor Heanon Wilkins, Miami University's first full-time African-American faculty member. A distinguished professor of Spanish, Portuguese, and Black World Studies, Dr. Wilkins is an enduring and inspirational example of Miami’s teacher-scholar faculty, having received Miami's highest honors in teaching, research, and service. Honoring his impressive legacy, we hope to recruit cohorts of excellent future faculty to Miami through this program. 

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College of Arts and Science Faculty Fellows



spenser.pngEmily Spencer



Peter Joseph Torrespeter-torres.jpg


French, Italian and Classical Studies

berthiaume-sandrine-joelle1x1.pngSandrine Berthiaume


Global and Intercultural Studies

neitch1x1.jpegKenna Neitch