Mountain Lakes - Teachers Doing Real Science: Video Transcript

Paula Hogan [teacher, Lebanon High School]: Hi. I'm Paula Hogan. I'm from Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Ohio. Go Warriors! I'm out here, at Avalanche Lake, in Glacier National Park, as part of the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Teachers or RET program. I've been hanging out in the [Dr. Craig] Williamson and [Dr. Jasmine] Saros labs, collecting lots of great data, having an awesome time, doing field work, getting my hands dirty, doing real science. So, I'm excited to take it back to my students and really help bring science alive for them. It's not just a crazy-haired white guy in a lab coat, mixing chemicals, guys!

Kevin Rose [Zoology graduate student]: By having teachers with us doing this research, they can not only conduct novel research in understanding the climate records, but then they can take that knowledge back with them — back to the classroom — to show students not only some beautiful pictures of amazing places but also some great science, trying to understand the world around us and how the world not only affects us but how we are affecting the world.

[December 2009]