CCA Advisory Board Member Responsibilities and Guidelines


To provide expertise to the CCA leadership so as to assist in supporting and realizing the College’s vision and goals; and to advocate for the advancement of the arts on campus and for their central place as part of Miami’s liberal arts mission.


The College of Creative Arts will advance creativity as a powerful thread to link the visual and performing arts, design, and multimedia across disciplines, bringing the voice and imagination of the arts to all corners of our diverse and global society. By integrating disciplinary expertise with the liberal arts, we will educate the next generation of thriving artists: architects, artists, designers, performers, teachers, and scholars for leadership in their chosen fields and in new and emerging creative industries.

Length of term

Three years. Members may be appointed or reappointed to subsequent terms, pending endorsement of the Board and approval of the Dean. The Chair of the Board is appointed by the Dean and serves three years that begins on July 1. Re-appointment as Chair is based upon mutual interest.

Expectations of board members

Provide advice to the Dean in identifying and encouraging support of CCA priorities. Board members are encouraged to provide strategic thinking in ensuring that CCA programs are relevant to the professional pursuit of the arts.

  • Attend and participate in twice-a-year meetings and special events as able, including both university-wide and College of Creative Arts activities, as well as alumni and recruitment events.
  • Serve as mentors to Miami University Creative Arts Scholars.
  • Advise the CCA leadership in matters relating to strategic planning and fundraising.
  • Be alert to the professional artistic community of concerns that can be addressed by the College of Creative Arts; serve as an ambassador for the CCA in making the artistic community aware of its programs and accolades.
  • Advance the School’s efforts to ensure the success of its students through hiring of its graduates, promoting and providing internships and mentorships, and endorsing CCA programs.
  • Provide annual fund support of the College of Creative Arts.