A gateway to the World Wide Web for wood dogs


The Museum of Modern Art. The epicenter of Modernism in the United States. Objet d'art. Very chic, chic.

Cooper Hewitt Museum
The best museum devoted to design I have ever set foot in.

Furniture Society
Join the clubhouse for furniture makers and furniture aficionados.

Family Woodworking Projects for Your Workbench
Woodworking projects that teach basic skills and how to use tools.

Wood, tools, and supplies

Sawmill Exchange
Looking for a sawmill? This is the place. Over 80 manufacturers are listed and there is a listing for used machines also.

Hock Tools
The professionals "edge," pardon the pun. These knives and blades for hand planes are pretty good. Mr. Hock is a craftsman of sorts. He takes great pride in making these tools.

August Home Publishing
A publisher of "how to" journals. Two of which pertain to woodworking, "Woodsmith", a more traditional style of woodworking and "Shopnotes" which is geared toward the tool junkie, it is chock full of clever (sometimes too clever) designs for all kinds of gadgets.

MSC Industrial Supply
The biggest mail order place for industrial tools and supplies ever invented. They sell machinist tools as well as some woodworking stuff. A great place to buy files, end mill bits, Starrett tools, and the kitchen sink.


An old fashioned hardware store via mail-order.

Router Bits on the Web
A very thorough collection of high quality router bits.

Reid Supply
Knobs, handles, and hard to find specialty hardware that'll make your project extra special. They also have a big collection of machinists supplies.

David Finck Handmade Plane Irons 
Check out this website for some real inspiration.

Claphams Beeswax
The preferred method of finishing woodworking pieces in the shop.

Frank Miller Lumber Sales
A short jaunt up to Union City, IN for the biggest milling and drying operation you might ever witness. The retail store is very well stocked with the basic domestics and they usually have some interesting local species on hand as well. Their specialty is quartersawn lumber.

Shop Talk and Stuff

The Oak.Com
A great forum for everything related to the shop and sometimes related to nothing at all. Tap into the collective mind.

Old Woodworking Machines Group
A forum dedicated to the acquisition and restoration of vintage woodworking equipment.