MFA in Studio Art

A woman seated in an armchair poses for students in the drawing studio as they sketch the scene.
 closeup of a student working on a drawing, with other classmates in background

Ceramics | Metals | Painting | Photography | Printmaking | Sculpture

Our MFA in Studio Art is a sixty-credit hour, terminal degree program which aims to prepare students for professional careers in visual arts. The variety of conceptual and stylistic approaches reflects a diverse and rigorous program. We encourage each MFA candidate to build a distinctive and relevant studio practice driven by their individual aesthetic sensibility. Within the studio concentrations, graduate students and faculty form a challenging, but intimate and collaborative community that encourages cross-disciplinary engagement.

Concentrations include

  • Three-dimensional studios in Ceramics, Metals and Sculpture
  • Two-dimensional studios in Painting, Photography, and Printmaking

Our program emphasizes disciplined studio work in conjunction with an intense and rigorous critical dialog. Miami's strong liberal arts tradition enables each MFA candidate to locate resources critical for their development. Graduate students can pursue courses outside the department in relevant areas, as well as utilize technologies in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and University Instrumentation laboratory.


Most of our MFA students receive assistantships in the form of teaching or administrative duties, such as assisting in the gallery. Teaching assignments include the opportunity to teach as Instructor of Record within their area of expertise as well as in Foundation (2D or 3D) or Drawing. In addition to teaching, MFA students have unique opportunities and can compete for university grants.

  • Our Graduate Assistantships include a waiver of the instructional fee and out-of-state tuition surcharge (students pay 50% of the General Fee), stipend and teaching opportunities. Assistantships are available on a competitive basis.
  • International students are also eligible for assistantships.

As a result of this academic exposure, our graduates are able to compile solid teaching experience, student work portfolios and other relevant accomplishments that place them in competitive positions as they begin their professional careers. Many of our graduates are employed by universities and colleges across the nation.

Valuing space in which to create, all MFA candidates have semi-private or private studios available 24/7 within the buildings comprising the Department of Art.

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