A person uses a pottery wheel in Ceramics class

If you are interested in a professional career as a potter or ceramic artist, our program moves from the foundation courses to an introduction of the various construction, decoration, and firing processes as part of the ceramic curriculum. Our curriculum provides you with a background in hand-building; wheel-thrown construction methods; low- and high-temperature firing processes; oxidation/reduction atmospheres and raku, soda, and wood firings; and ceramics materials and their contributions to clay bodies, slips, and glazes.

As you begin to master your methods, we emphasize content and the development of your personal expression. Professional competitive exhibitions are encouraged and many of our students, alumni and faculty have been prizewinners. Our graduates have opportunities to continue their work through graduate school as well as artist's residencies.

At Miami, Ceramics majors can:

  • Concentrate in another discipline at the same time as ceramics to produce multimedia artwork.
  • Explore individualized, self-initiated, one-on-one mentoring research during Undergraduate Summer Scholars.
  • Network with alumni that range from studio artists, business owners/entrepreneurs, and artist/scholars.
  • Earn a professional degree in art in a not-too-small, not-too-large, perfectly-sized liberal arts university.
  • Learn the spectrum of the hands-on ceramic technology from working knowledge and application of originating clay bodies to overseeing multiple firing processes to use as tools for nonverbal expression.
  • Complement the major with current technology and business minors in Interactive Media Studies, Communication Design, and Arts Management.